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"Vicepreședintele are două secretare."

Translation:The vice president has two secretaries.

December 7, 2016



but vicepresedintele is plural right?


No, it is a masculine noun with a definite article. The plural would be "vicepreședinți".


Hovering over Vicepreședintele gives two hints: "the vice president" and "the vice presidents". But it marked me wrong when I used the latter.


"vicepreședintele" could also be the plural, definite article of "vicepreședintă", the feminine form of "vicepreședinte". However, the verb conjugation is singular; it should have been "Vicepreședintele au ..."


not a plural, but you're completely right that it LOOKS like a plural. the plural of 'fata' would be 'fetele' (which looks like a similar ending). In Romanian, just getting the plurals right is harder than their whole subjunctive system (which they call the conjunctive).


They have something easy in Romanian? Wait, that's not what you said about their subjunctive, is it!

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