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  5. "Ele sunt subțiri."

"Ele sunt subțiri."

Translation:They are thin.

December 7, 2016


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Why masculine subțiri after feminine ele?


Its called declinarea adjectivului. Some adjectives have 2 forms at singular and 2 at plural(deștept/deșteaptă-deștepți/deștepte=smart), some 2 at singural and 1 at plural(prevăzător/prevăzătoare-prevăzători=cautious), 1 singural and 1 plural(veche-vechi=old). They are also adjectives with only one form(maro does not have a plural form=brown)


what is the difference between slabi and subtiri? can you make some examples?


Eu sunt slab=I am weak or skinny. Lemnul este subțire=The wood is thin. Slab is used for people, subțire for objects, but if you use subțire for people(I am subțire) you accentuate how thin someone is.


Skinny should work, it was there in their previous rendition of the answer.

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