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"I want the rice that has tomato."

Translation:Quiero el arroz que tiene tomate.

4 years ago



Quiero arroz con tomate

4 years ago


I don't understand this. Wouldn't it be grammatically strange in English to say, "I want the rice that has tomato"?

4 years ago


Grammatically strange? Nope: I want the salad that has pineapple, I want the sandwich that has bacon, I want the casserole that has corn, etc.

4 years ago


Did anyone try "Quiero el arroz que incluye tomate?" I feel like that would almost be more appropriate to use than tener..

3 years ago


Would "que tiene el tomate" work here? This seemed like a circumstance where the article is added even though it's not there in English.

3 years ago