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  5. "Femeia lui este frumoasă."

"Femeia lui este frumoasă."

Translation:His woman is beautiful.

December 7, 2016



In Romanian femeia lui=nevasta lui=soția lui= his wife


Can "femeia lui" also be translated "his wife"?


As much as "his woman" can be used to mean "his wife". Which is to say that it would seem somewhat crude.


Ok, thanks! I was wondering because the English translation here does sound kind of crude/strange to me. I'd heard that bărbat can be used to mean husband as well as man, so I was wondering if it worked the other way around.


I swear, sentences here are nuts sometimes :D So much so, even if I understand all the words in the sentence, I still doubt myself if I am not missing anything in the meaning.

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I have to say that this is something you would only really say while enjoying a beer with your close buddies or when talking with someone with a basic education from a village in the countryside; in any other context, this will be considered offensive, or at least off the mark.


This sentence is obejctifying women!


Maybe but read the first comment. If it means only "my woman" I agree.


A little offensive possibly?


How can a woman be possessed?


Are you serious? The term “possessive pronoun” does not mean that such a pronoun always denotes possession. If somebody talks about “her country” or “his parents,” is your understanding that s/he possesses it/them?

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