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  5. "Avocatul este fratele ei."

"Avocatul este fratele ei."

Translation:The lawyer is her brother.

December 7, 2016



if lawyer is avocat, then what is an advocate in romanian? and judge?


judge = judec─âtor (masculine) / judec─âtoare (feminine)

To my shame, I haven't heard of the word "advocate" with the meaning of a person trained in law. After reading the definition of "advocate", I would just use the word "avocat", which is also what some online EN->RO dictionary say: 1 2 3


my cousin is an advocate hence my question. Barrister is also another name for a more advanced lawyer - in australia new zealand uk etc


Just to clarify. In Britain, a distinction is made between "solicitors", general lawyers, and the specialised lawyers who represent clients in higher courts. In England and Wales these latter are called "barristers". In Scotland, which has a separate legal system, they're called "advocates".


lolol i thought the same thing


I used e instead of este and was declared wrong.Is it because has to be exactly what is said? E and este are the same.

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