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"Dych chi eisiau lemon neu oren?"

Translation:Do you want a lemon or an orange?

December 7, 2016



Is would you like lemon or orange wrong? or am I just being overly polite in translation as I was taught this in school / it was translated differently/ too formally into English? thanks


Dych chi eisiau...? is 'Do you you want...?'

'Would you like...?' uses a conditional pattern which is covered later in the course.


Fab thanks! They probably figured we didn't need conditionals to pass GCSE! r else I've learnt it and forgotten already!


Why can't I have "Do you want lemon or orange?" Why would I need 'an'? Surely if I was asking someone about their flavour preference, and not the physical fruit, I would leave out the 'an'.


Is this an exclusive or inclusive OR ? Might the answer be "yes"?


Either. Somebody could answer simply 'yes', but then the conversation would have to go into more detail about exactly what they meant by that.... Or they could choose one of the two.


Does the meaning change according to which words are emphasised? In English, if I emphasized the two fruits over the other words, I'd be asking the listener to choose one or other; but if I don't emphasise the fruits, I'm effectively asking the listener if [s]he wants an unspecified citrus fruit.

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