"The stop"

Translation:η στάση

December 8, 2016

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why is it η instead of TO?


Because "στάση" is considered a female now, so η is the article to go with. Το is for neuter, so "το στάση" would be grammatically incorrect. I hope I helped you ^.^


How does one type accents.


On a standard QWERTY keyboard, when switched to Greek, you first hit the key next to L and then, straight away, the key of the vowel you want to add the accent on: ; + α = ά. You won't see anything before you hit the vowel key though.


thank you helpful


how can i know if a noun is male of female


The articles show it:

o is for masculine η feminine το neuter

But remember these are only grammatical categories they do not necessarily refer to the people, animals or things referred to.

In addition, at this level, all you need do is follow the sentences, the Drop-down hints, and the Tips &notes. You will not be asked to determine the genders until you learn more.


I capitalize my answer when they capitalize what needs translating, but their answer appears to be inconsistent with their request. If the original is capitalized, it seems logical that it was intentional!


Whenever you learn a new noun find it's gender as well as learning the spelling of the noun by putting the word (the) before stop etc into Google translate. Just to be sure I put in The stop, one stop and a stop. η στάση, μια στάση, μια στάση. When you are reading Greek sometimes they omit the a or an and just put in the noun so as not to confuse it with (one). και γίνει σαν παιδί, and become like a child. The ένα is left out so as not to confuse it with one child. ένα παιδί.


DIMITRA956826 I thought "stop" was a verb of action rather than a noun. But I guess if it's "the stop" then it must be a noun of subject. It's feminine, so "η" not "το".


how do i get the accent to go above the α?


Go to the Greek Forum, and check out the Links that offer the alphabet, resources etc. YOu'll find lots of information.



I try to do my writing test but, i couldn't find the Greek language for the keyboard. Thank you


Use this for the keyboard and other information:



It would be nice if this were defined in the lessons.


If you use the Tips in the comment just above yours you will learn how to very easily find the definition of every word used in the exercises.


I don't have a greek keyboard


If you read the other comments on this page you will find a lot of useful information.


Everytime i make a mistake and everytime in greek its called good, a typo it says then......how can we learn from this would you please consider to adjust this?

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