"Mie îmi aduce un pahar de apă."

Translation:He brings me a glass of water.

December 8, 2016

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How do i know it is he not she that brings the water. Would DL let me translate it with the neuter singular 'they' I wonder. To truly translate the ambiguous Romanian form should i say 'someone brings'?


Technically is a"pahar cu apa", paharul itself is of glass".


Hahahaha... tecnically... but not really... something similar happens in spanish, some people say it's a 'cup of water', and some people say the correct way is 'cup with water'... but both sentences are correct, because when you say 'cup of water' you are not talking about the material the cup or container is made of, you are talking about the amount of water.

If you say a 'cup with water' in an extrem case, the other person could understand you want a cup, and an amount of water on the side.

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Similar to French: "a glass of water" is "un verre d'eau" whereas "un verre à eau" is a "water glass."


If you type "pahar cu apa" sau "pahar de apa" into a search engine you will see that there is no true consensus on the issue. but it seems like more people are in favour of pahar cu apa


If the verb is "aduce" the only possible pronouns are " he, she or even it". DL doesn't give any clue but you cannot use "they" because the verb form would be "ei / ele aduc".


Why does this sentence require both stressed and unstressed pronouns when the previous sentence did not??


it is impossible to tell without the context. The stressed pronoun is always optional but often included for emphasis. Maybe this sentence was said in response to someone else complaining "Mihai is a bad host. He never even brings me a glass of water"
"He brings me a glass of water."


Is it better to say: El/Ea imi aduce un pahar de apa...thanks in advance


Blackburn, lo entiendo así y espero no llevarte por el camino equivocado: Mie = a mi. Îmi= me. Entonces: Mie îmi aduce un pahar de apă = A mi me trae (el o ella) un vaso de agua.


pahar cu apa, neaparat


For Spanish speakers:

¿Qué función cumple la palabra "mie" y por qué indica segunda persona singular (él o ella)? ¿Hay algún equivalente en español? Sin esa palabra entiendo que sería "me trae un vaso de agua".

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