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  5. "Gara noastră este mică."

"Gara noastră este mică."

Translation:Our train station is small.

December 8, 2016



It was called a railway station in England befolre America had trains


Americans will call it a railway station too, though train station is more common.


I used to know a Bob Minden once, who was about my grandmother's vintage. I think he ended up in Switzerland. He had two sons, Nicholas and George who were about my mother's vintage. George had a girl about my age and I think a son who was younger. Your surname is not a common one. That is why I mentioned it.


The daughter you mention is my sister Michaela, and the son is Nick. Hard to believe you knew my grandfather!


"... Sittin' downtown in a railway station / One toke over the line", One Toke Over the Line by Brewer and Shipley (American folk rock duo)


Could you also say, "stați de tren"?


Not really, everyone uses the word "gară"

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