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"Qual é o papel da sociedade civil?"

Translation:What is the role of civil society?

February 23, 2014



I wrote "what is the paper on civil partnership?" But it's about the ROLE of CIVIL SOCIETY? haha, I don't understand what they mean! This is all too abstract!


Hi Lexflex! I understand you :)

paper, would be something like sheet of paper (folha de papel)


role, something like part in a theatre or a movie.

In this case of sentence is the society's role in the environment they live.

I hope I have conveyed the idea


What is THE civil society????


Civil society as opposed to government. Totalitarian countries typically suppress or try to closely control civil society to avoid opposition. Think unions, professional associations, sports clubs, choirs...


"what is the role of a civil society? " is wrong for the extra article. Can anyone please explain? Thanks


'Da' means 'of the', thus in thus case you'd translate it as 'of (the) civil society'. Though English wouldn't use an article in this position, it's still understood as definite.


I disagree, A civil society is how we would say this in the States...... :)


That's not what I'm referring to, however. I'm referring to a difference between English and Portuguese, not a transatlantic different. You can say "civil society" and "a civil society" on both sides of the Atlantic; however, the terms are not interchangeable: the former is definite, whereas the latter is indefinite. English rarely marks abstractions with a definite article, but Romance languages commonly do. "Da sociedade civil" in Portuguese corresponds to the usage in English without the article, so translating "da sociedade civil" as "of a civil society" would be incorrect.


You are forgetting that Portuguese uses articles differently from English. "What is the role of a civil society?" is a question about civil societies in general, not a particular civil society. Does "Qual é o papel da sociedade civil?" only refer to a specific society, or can it per Portuguese usage refer to civil societies in general? That's the question you should be asking, not just translating things literally.


I would say "a civil society" if I mean any of several. I would say "the civil society" if I mean only my own, or the one where I am. And I might leave out the article entirely if I'm talking about abstract roles, maybe in a philosophical discussion.


I wrote "What is the paper of the civil society", thinking Duolingo was referencing charters and constitutions and such. Nope.


If the article is not used society should be plural: what is the role of civil societies. If it is of a single society (singular ),than the article is necessary. Since the Portuguese sentence is general the translation should : of A civil society


Including the article is not incorrect. "The civil society" could be used in any context as well.


why is 'civilised' society wrong?


Because civilized society and civil society mean different things. I'd expect Portuguese to have a different adjective or phrase to convey the concept of "civilized" society.


My answer "what's the role within civil society" sound right however: Qual é o papel dentro na sociedade civil. Appears not to translate how I expected. I though Dentro was within but it seems to closer translate to inside. Unless of course I have missed something completely here :-]


What is the difference between qual and o que?

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