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  5. "Một muỗng đường là đủ."

"Một muỗng đường đủ."

Translation:A spoon of sugar is enough.

December 8, 2016



As the song says, "A spoonfull of sugar makes the medicine go down." There was also a singing group called "The Loving Spoonfull" at one time. Americans do say "sugar spoon" for a spoon placed in a sugar bowl for scooping the sugar. In the sentence under discussion we would most likely say "spoonfull of sugar" rather than "spoon of sugar." Recipes call for a "teaspoon of sugar" or a "tablespoon of sugar" but a "spoon of sugar" sounds a little strange.


I have never heard of 'sugar-spoon'. Which country uses the word 'sugar-spoon'?!


Well, it's a spoon meant to scoop up sugar. And Duo is looking for amount, not the thing.


Why "là" here? Is it because "đủ" is a noun?


No. "đủ" is "enough", "là" is considered "is" in this sentence

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