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Slow Finnish - Chapter 14a - Resepti


  • 5 dl vehnäjauhoja
  • 4 munaa
  • 3 dl sokeria
  • 2 dl maitoa
  • 200 g voita
  • 3 tl leivinjauhetta
  • 2 tl vanilliinisokeria
  • 3rkl kaakaojauhetta

  • 1 paketti tomusokeria

  • 50 g voita
  • 5 rkl kahvia
  • 1 rkl kaakaojauhetta
  • 2 tl vanilliinisokeria

  1. Sulata voi ja anna sen jäähtyä.

  2. Sekoita munat ja sokeri vatkaimella vaahdoksi.

  3. Lisää maito vähitellen. Sekoita vatkaimella.

  4. Sekoita jauhot, leivinjauhe, kaakaojauhe ja vanilliinisokeri erikseen.

  5. Lisää jauhot seokseen vähitellen siivilällä. Sekoita nuolijalla.

  6. Sekoita voi vähitellen seokseen nuolijalla.

  7. Levitä seos leivinpaperin päälle uunipellille.

  8. Lämmitä uuni 200 asteeseen. Paista seosta 15 minuuttia uunissa.

  9. Sulata voi kuorrutusta varten.

  10. Sekoita tomusokeri, voi, kahvi, kaakaojauhe ja vanilliinisokeri.

  11. Levitä kuorrutus viilenneen paistoksen päälle.


  • resepti, -t recipe
  • mokkapala, -t simple brownie
  • vehnäjauho, -t wheat flour
  • muna, -t egg
  • sokeri, -t sugar
  • maito, maidot milk
  • voi, -t butter
  • teelusikka, - lusikat (tl) teaspoon
  • leivinjauhe, -jauheet baking powder
  • vanilliinisokeri, -t vanilla sugar
  • paketti, paketit package
  • tomusokeri, -t powdered sugar
  • kaakaojauhe, -jauheet cocoa solids
  • ruokalusikka, -lusikat (rkl) tablespoon
  • sulattaa to melt
  • antaa + infinitive to let
  • jäähtyä to cool down
  • sekoittaa to mix
  • vaahto, vaahdot foam
  • vaahdoksi into foam (translative)
  • vatkain, vatkaimet mixer
  • vatkaimella with a mixer (adessive)
  • lisätä to add
  • vähitellen bit by bit
  • erikseen separately
  • seos, seokset mixture
  • siivilä, -t sieve
  • nuolija, -t rubber scraper
  • levittää to spread
  • leivinpaperi, -t parchment paper
  • genitive + päälle on top of
  • uunipelti, -pellit baking tray
  • uuni, -t oven
  • paistaa to bake
  • kuorrutus, kuorrutukset icing
  • partitive + varten for
  • viilenneen something that has cooled down
  • paistos, paistokset bake, casserole

Harjoitus 1

  • In which case are the ingredients in the recipe?
  • What do tl and rkl stand for?
  • What happens to the butter before it is mixed in?
  • How do you add the flour into the mixture?
  • What is the main ingredient of the icing?
  • For how long do you bake the mixture?

Harjoitus 2

Etsi seuraavat ilmaisut. - Find the following expressions.

  • Melt the butter.
  • Mix the eggs and sugar.
  • Add the milk bit by bit.
  • Spread the mixture on top of a parchment paper.
  • Heat up the oven to 200 degrees.

Let me know what you thought about the lesson. Here is a link to the previous lessons.

Hei! :)

December 8, 2016



Harjoitus 1

  • The ingredients are in the partitive.
  • tl = teelusikka (teaspoon); rkl = ruokalusikka (tablespoon)
  • It is melted.
  • With a scraper through a sieve.
  • Powdered sugar.
  • For 15 minutes.

Harjoitus 2

  • Sulata voi.
  • Sekoita munat ja sokeri.
  • Lisää maito vähitellen.
  • Levitä seos leivinpaperin päälle.
  • Lämmitä uuni 200 asteeseen.


Oh, Mari, on my own I understood only "kahvi", but nontheless this is a PERFECT lesson! Thank you! :D


Kiitos oppitunnista ja reseptistä. I usually prefer eating to baking, but this looks like something I could manage if I tried. :)

By the way, how much is "1 paketti" of sugar? Over here we usually buy one-kilo bags of sugar, which is quite a lot. :)


Kiittää jotakuta jostakin, so Kiitos oppitunnista ja reseptistä (all neutral vowels) :)

Ordinary sugar is usually in one kilo bags but at least the packet of powdered sugar that I have is 500g. A quick search of recipes seems to agree although there is a 250g variation for those who don't have quite as sweet tooth.


Kiitos! :) I edited what I had written after a while, but still incorrectly. Maybe I'll get it right the next time.


I noticed that :) Maybe next time I'm going to correct someone I'll spend less time drooling over pictures of some dessert and make the correction when it's still relevant :)


That's an understandable excuse. :)


I always seem to think I don't have powdered sugar at home when I need it, so then I end up buying more... Which means I now had at least two 250g boxes and one 500g box in the cupboard. :-S

Normal caster sugar is bought in one kilo paper bags, yes. Small kids are explained the weights of babies by describing how many of these sugar bags the newborn weighed, which I find a bit surprising since those kids will (hopefully) encounter one litre milk cartons weighing the same much more often.

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