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  5. "Προσωπικός γιατρός"

"Προσωπικός γιατρός"

Translation:Personal doctor

December 8, 2016



Are ιδιοτικός and προσωπικός interchangeable?


Earlier in this unit your answer used 'ιατρός'. Here it corrected me to 'γιατρός'. Are both acceptable?


Both are acceptable spellings; ιατρός is the one inherited from Ancient Greek and γιατρός is a more modern one. (So it's a little like colour/color or realize/realise, both of which are good and correct English spellings.)

In listening exercises, only one spelling can be accepted, unfortunately.


why not "staff doctor"?


Why is "A personal doctor" is not acceptable?

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Because "A" is the indefinite article which would be translated as "ένας" in Greek, which is not present on the sentence above.


In sunny Cyprus the equivalent of the British NHS is the recently introduced GESY. It has had a few hiccups for the first few months but it's getting sorted. However it's not free. We pay 3 euros to see a GP and 6 euros for a specialist. Prescriptions are about 1 euro per item.

Waiting times to see a doctor are not instant. You might have to wait 29 minutes or more.

Applications to live in Cyprus need to be in soon. :-)

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