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  5. "I am on the ship."

"I am on the ship."

Translation:Εγώ είμαι πάνω στο πλοίο.

December 8, 2016



is there a difference in meaning between στο και πάνω στο; If I am saying, I will be coming on a ship, which one should I use? or both?


Στο πλοίο means you are somewhere on the ship. Πάνω στο πλοίο is more emphatic. I will be coming on a ship would be "θα έρχομαι με ένα πλοίο"=Lit. I will be coming with a ship/by a ship.


in my head, πάνω από is the physical and spatial "above". as in you are in a shipyard, and there is a ship below you, this kind of sense. Is my understanding correct? I would just like to confirm, that πάνω από can be used in a traveling on a ship kind of sense? Thanks! and i hope my question isn't too confusing.


Πάνω από is "above", like you don't step on it, you are some meters (or more) above the ship, in the sky, so it cannot be used for travelling with the ship. Your initial question was for "πάνω στο". Πάνω στο means "upon" and can be used to say that "i am on the ship". For example someone calls you and says "where are you?" -"είμαι (πάνω) στο πλοίο"= i am on the ship. With πάνω you can also imply that you are on the upper level of the ship.


aah, thank you! and yes I made a mistake here.


can you explain the difrernce between βάρκα καράβι πλοίο


Καράβι πλοίο are perfect synonyms and mean ship. Βάρκα is a boat.

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