"Această familie este într-o criză."

Translation:This family is in a crisis.

December 8, 2016



More usual would be, "This family is in crisis." No article.

June 16, 2018


Yes, you're right. My impression of the Romanian Duo course is that it hasn't been proof-read or checked by a native English speaker.

October 16, 2018


why is it într-o and not just în o?

December 8, 2016


A bit like "double u, double u, double u" in place of "world wide web". Nine syllables to abbreviate three!

May 29, 2018

[deactivated user]

    "În o" and "în un" usually get contracted. "Într-", comes from the latin "intro", as "în" itself.

    Funny thing to have a longer word in the contracted form, isn't it? :)

    But it helps with the rhythm: "într-o" and "într-un" flow nicely, "în o" sounds awful.

    December 11, 2016


    This family is in crisis.

    No article. Acceptable / preferred English.

    Reported, but probably not the most important of the failings in translation into English!

    June 1, 2019
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