"Je veux manger du poulet."

Translation:I want to eat chicken.

February 15, 2013

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It looks like the more polite form of I want : "I would like" is treated as a mistake... lol


That's because "would like" is "voudrais" - a different verb conjugation in French. So... until you learn that, just stick to being rude!


haha you are funny. Yes, you are right. I forgot about voudrais. Thanks.


In the faster version of the audio, I could hear the "v" sound in veux, while in the slower version (in which the words are pronounced individually) I could not. Did anyone else hear this? If so, is there a rule to explain?


I often cannot hear the difference between a p and a v often in this duolingo program. I believe it needs some attention.


Already been asked, but no one replied yet: why is "THE chicken" wrong? du= de le


"du" is here partitive article, not preposition "de" (as part of the verb itself) + definitive article "le" (after the verb "manger" we have direct object - there is no need for any preposition which would be part of the verb itself)


This will be so useful...


So when don't you conjugate the verb? I thought here 'manger' would have become 'mange'.


If you have two verbs, the second is not conjugated. It is the same in English: I want to eat (where the infinitive (not conjugated) form in English is "to [xxx]", in French it is indicated by the full verb ending: -er, -ir, or -re).


*Je veux manger du KFC


I have two sentences which I have yet come across and need help.

"Je veux manger les poulets." and "Je veux manger des poulets."

Are they grammatically and logically sound sentences? Or are they incorrect sentences that should not be used?


You have opened up a Pandora's box Littlestrike. This is a very sore point for me also. Dear sitesurf has explained this to me a few times and I still dont really get it. The topic is "Dropped Articles" and sometimes it is Les and others it is Des. One, or both of your examples could give rise to a dropped article in translation to English and there must be some sort of guide. Maybe it is one of those bizarre things we just have to memorize AGAIN!


what is the difference between je vais and je veux ( i know the meaning but they kind of sound alike)


"je vais" is "I am going" (conjunction of aller) Je veux is I want (conjugation of vouloir). Just like I sew and I say may sound close to a non - native speaker.


why was "I would like to eat chicken " not acceptable?


Please see above where its explained


Why is it "I want to eat chicken" and not "I want to eat THE chicken?" Why no indicative article?


MIchellePK, a better translation for "I want to eat THE chicken." is "Je veut manger LE poulet."

One of the reasons for the use of "du" in this sentence "Je veut manger du poulet." could be the speaker/writer isn't specifying any specific chicken, but some chicken or chicken in general.


Why is "I want to eat some chicken" wrong?


Linaphilia, "I want to eat some chicken" is accepted by Duolingo as of today as I just tried and it is accepted as a correct answer.


I don't recall seeing the work "veux" before, so had no idea what the french robot was saying :( And vocab is gone, so I can't even work out what the word means...


je voudrais manger du poulet


What is wrong with "I wanna eat chicken" ?!


The usual rule - after verb ''want'' - ''to'' does not stay!


But "to" is right there in the infinitive "Manger"="To Eat". Otherwise the sentence starts "She wants eat...."

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