For Mobile Users: Duolingo app sucks? Here is my recommendation

I have learned Duolingo on PC a lot, because i have encountered a simple problem yet very critical to my learning method on Mobile App.

So, i am an Android user here. Have been learning on Duolingo since 2013 (with my old account, before i have founded best method to learn from App) but never quite succeded as a learner, until i use Duolingo web version a lot.

The question is, why do i use Web version a lot?

The answer is, because there are the TIPS and NOTES under the lessons with Web version, and it helped a lot (especially before learning a completely new language)

I was 15 when i found Duolingo on Play Store, and practiced a lot on Mobile App, it was Spanish lesson, and i have no idea why is the verb "to drink" in Spanish "beber" always changes like "bebo, bebes, bebe, beben" and i don't even know it was Conjugation ffs :D because there was no such an explanation. i quit Duolingo and had no interests anymore to learn Spanish because i was confused myself.

At 17 I'm back on Duolingo, started a new account and learned it on PC. I started German lesson, and all of sudden, I saw that Tips and Notes under the lessons!!!! So after 2 Years knowing Duolingo, i have just realised they put the Tips and Notes. I wrote it immediately, started to learn German conjugations, pronouns, cases, i enjoyed learning it from PC and the Tips and Notes were instrumental for me to be Intermediate in German and here i am completed the German tree.

But still i did not enjoy the Mobile app and it did not help me much. I travel a lot and i don't have Notebook to bring. I am often encountered problem when learning on App, when i completed a skill, moving to a new skill, i am constantly confused with the grammatical from the new skill, and sometimes i have to go to Internet Cafe in order to just writing the Tips and Notes from the new skill.

But it was over since the day i found Web app! :D

My suggestion to you guys who encountered same problem as mine (especiallly for Android user), try to activate the Duolingo Web App from Chrome rather than using the App version from the Play Store.

The steps are:

  • Open at Google Chrome
  • Login to your account until you can see your Tree
  • Explore the "Three dots" button on the right top of the Page
  • Simply tap "Add to Homescreen
  • Voila! Miles better than Duolingo App!

Web App features that you won't find on Duolingo App

  • Tips and Notes are there!
  • You can open Discussion page
  • You can also start a Discussion directly on your Device
  • No Ads
  • Your streaks are save
  • Bugs are very rare because Web App is basically same as Web version, it is just like Duolingo extention on Android

After i found this, i am very satisfied with my progress, because i believe "Grammar makes easy"

I hope this may help you guys! Cheers!

December 9, 2016

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I agree with rafibaru. Thanks for the excellent explanation.

December 9, 2016
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