"Te omor în numele statului!"

Translation:I kill you in the name of the state!

December 9, 2016

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James Bond în România )


I think it would be "Iacob Bondescu" or something translated the Duolingo way ;D


This sentence is wrong. The correct one (i.e. the typical Romanian version) is

"Te omor în numele statului degeaba".

(edit: for non-natives, this post is a joke, don't take it grammatically. In Romanian "a sta degeaba" means "to waste the time" to "sit without doing anything" or "for free", "in vain" etc., and we have a lot of jokes that capitalize on the similarity of "stat"=government, country, state, versus "stat"=the process of sitting, staying, from the verb "a sta"=to sit, to lay, to do nothing, so my "sentence" could be roughly translated as "I kill you in the name of wasting the time", which is kinda funny for a native Romanian)

[deactivated user]

    One rarely gets such a sentence when learning a language. :)

    I absolutely love it!


    communist era phrases slangs slogans

    just like: in the name of the peoples, (of this nation) you are arrested! (detained)



    "Stop in the name of the law!" :D


    Too much killing in this Romanian course...

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