A gift from the Arabs

peace be upon you

hi every one

I've brought you a simple gift from the Arabs hope you like it

First : some of the Proverbs

  • الوقت كالسيف إن لم تقطعه قطعك.

Time is like a sword. If you did not cut it, it will cut you.

  • لا تؤجل عمل اليوم إلى الغد.

Don't delay today's work until tomorrow.

  • القناعة كنز لا يفنى.

Content is an everlasting treasure

  • من حفر حفرة لأخيه وقع فيها.

who digs a pit to his brother, falls into it

Second : some Arab songs translated into English


Now I've finished

I hope you forgive me if i made a mistake in writing or speech, I still learn English

I hope that you have enjoyed, with the best wishes

December 9, 2016


Not an Arab, but a student of Arabic. Care if I add some?
أصبحت أميرا و أمسيت أسيرا
Began the day as a king, ended it as a prisoner!

كلفتني مخ البعوض!
Sent me after the brain of a fly!(Meaning you wanted to get rid of me)

البلية اذا عمت، طابت.
When evil spreads, it becomes [good and] tolerable.(Meaning if everybody does wrong, the wrong sounds like right)

من دق الباب سمع الجواب.
Who knocks the door, hears an answer.

تلك بتلك يا عمرو.
This [as a repayment] for that.(Meaning we're even)

December 9, 2016

amazing....thanks :)

December 9, 2016

Hey there ! As an Arab i must say: Most of the proverbs that you mentioned we don't use despite the one before last. I think they are really old, Approximately 1500 years old specially the last one.

December 9, 2016

Well the next time I'll be careful not to put too old proverbs ... only 1400 years old :D.....I'm joking,thank you for advice :)

December 9, 2016

Ruby, sorry if i mixed things up, i was talking about the proverbs in the comment. The proverbs that you mentioned are pretty old, but all of them are usable now a days.

Cheers !

December 27, 2016

Thank you! My Arabic knowledge is limited to reading, so I'm not going to argue. Still, they're good pieces of advice.(and I can provide sources that they're not fabricated.) Can I ask where you are from? Because I was almost sure about the first one.

December 9, 2016

I am From Syria.

For example the first one is saying أصبحت أميرا و أمسيت أسيرا Began the day as a prince, ended it as a prisoner!

I guess it refers when Arabs had raids. so in the morning you are the prince of the tripe, and in the end of the day you have been captured as a trophy..

I don't have reference for it though sorry : )

December 27, 2016

Arabis itself is not 1500 years old as a language! how can a phrase in arabic be that old?! :))

August 5, 2017

Thank you for your gifts. I find those Arabic proverbs to be especially enjoyable! : D

December 9, 2016

you're welcome ....I have more if you want :D

December 9, 2016

Beautiful proverbs :)

December 9, 2016

thanks...You are the most beautiful :)

December 9, 2016

You're welcome, sweet friend ;)

December 9, 2016

Thank you :)

December 9, 2016

you're welcome ...i'm happy that you liked it :)

December 9, 2016

مجهود رائع

December 9, 2016

شكرا جزيلا :)

December 9, 2016

Thank you :)

December 9, 2016

you're welcome ^_^

December 9, 2016

really nice , thank for your efforts to tell other people that arab is not like what they think

December 10, 2016

you're welcome...It is just a simple things ^_^

December 10, 2016
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