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  5. "You dance and I sing."

"You dance and I sing."

Translation:Bạn múa và tôi hát.

December 9, 2016



múa is for smooth movement like ballet, nhảy is for the dance floor or dancing to your favorite tunes


In this case, múa is used alone but in other case nhảy+múa are used together. What are they different ?


It's the same. But in real life, when you say, you can " múa ", we'll think you can dance with gentle and flexible movements, like a Ballet artist. And " Nhảy " Or " Nhảy múa" , we'll think you can dance with strong and decisive movements. Sometime we use " nhảy" with meaning " lope ". If you don't understand, just ask me more on my Doulingo profile page. ^^


According to singing and music. A pop for (or microphone hat) is required


My girlfriend told me nhảy means a sharper way of dancing and mứa describes a smoother movement.


Shouldn't 'Bạn múa nhảy và tôi hát' also be accepted?

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