"Cumpărăturile sunt o activitate plăcută."

Translation:Shopping is a pleasant activity.

December 9, 2016

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its because CUMPARATURILE is literally SOME BUYINGS that makes a shopping, an activity. instead CUMPARATURA is ONE PURCHASE, not an activity but only an action. so there are some purchases that make an activity, and this activity is pleasant. it is one singular activity compound of many actions; plural parchases :)


I got this after "Shopping is addictive" and it sends out a "OBEY" and "shut up and buy" vibe


so, why is "shopping" in the plural, but "activity" in the singular? or am i mistaken?


Yes, you got it right.

(Cumpărăturile) ((sunt) (o activitate)). https://ro.wikipedia.org/wiki/Predicat_nominal

(S) (PN)

The subject (Cumpărăturile) is plural and the verb (sunt) is accordingly plural.

Maybe an example in English: "The words are a pleasant distraction."


yes, but this transltes to 'shoppings are a plesant activity', which is incorrect. the coreect phrase woud be 'shppoing IS a pleasant distraction'. since the verb acts as a copula establishing equivalence between subject and predicate, the two should be equivalent in number - singular or plural (in english, at least). that is what is confusing about this for me. maybe i'm just overthinking things.


Not everything can be translated ad literam between languages.

That is why I had to show you an example with a different sentence. I was hoping that showing you the same structure but in English would help you understand how it works in Romanian as well.

As I have already mentioned, "Cumpărăturile" agrees with "sunt" for the plural. Not with "o activitate". Which specific aspect of the sentence surprises you?


If you insist on a literal translation, the Spanish version works perfectly to illustrate this:

"Las compras son una actividad agradable."

The subject is plural, the verb is plural, the activity is singular.


So the sentence could be otherwise (though not very naturally) translated as, 'The buying of things is a pleasant activity'...?


Yes, pretty much since that's what you are doing when you are shopping.


You cannot be serious!

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