Christmas dialect special!

It's worth remembering that even though duolingo teaches you standard Danish, Denmark still have strong dialects

An example here is Jeppe Åkjær's translation of Auld Lang Syne in a West Jutland dialect. There are quite substantial differences. Especially in the pronounciation of words where g's and f's often becomes w's. For instance, 'dag' becomes 'daw' and 'løfte' becomes 'løwt'

But also grammatical differences especially the definite forms of nouns, where West Jutland (Vestjysk) and South Jutland dialects (Sønderjysk) uses a seperate article 'æ' before the noun like the English 'the'.

For instance the line: 'Vi wojed sammel i æ bæk' is in standard Danish: 'Vi vadede sammen i bækken' - 'We waded together in the stream'

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Thanks for the information! I love learning about the Scandinavian languages

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Those modern artists are making a brave effort - but they clearly do not master the dialect. For a more proper pronounciation, I would recommend Fisker Thomas:

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Quite right! But production is a bit better =)

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