"Nu ai nimic de făcut?"

Translation:Don't you have anything to do?

December 9, 2016

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Is făcut a past participle or a supine form?


By itself it is just the participle.

Together with a preposition it is the supine.

Edited: left only the practical explanation, without the grammar theory.


Haha alright (:

So can I make a rule of this and say that every past participle can also be a supine? Nu am nimic de spus (I have nothing to say)


The supine is formed by Preposition + Participle.

I thought you were asking about the formal grammar specification of the supine and the participle, and I cannot vouch for that. (search "substantivizare supin" ...)

However, I think I now better understand your point of view as a foreign learner. For practical purposes, yes, the participle and the supine are always derived in the same way from the root of the verb, no need to remember anything extra :D.

And yes, your example is correct.


Well, I may get deeper in grammar theories in a not so far future x) but yeah, for now that was all I wanted to know. Thank you! (:

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