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English for ESL Students

I teach ESL and use DuoLingo 1-2 times a week in class. For those fluent in their native language, DuoLingo is great! However, I have some ESL students who know more English than their native language, and could benefit from an English for English speakers program. They speak and read English but are not strong in their skills. I have a student from Congo who I have doing English for French speakers, but he speaks more English than French. Is it possible to do almost like an English for ESL English speakers?

December 9, 2016



Duolingo's lessons are almost all based on translation. I'm not sure how that would apply to teaching English to English speakers.

This is something that's been mentioned before. There's clearly a market niche, but I'm not aware of anything that fills it just yet.



This is a prevalent use case. I know of two applications that are pretty useful for users who already have a decent understanding of English. You can check out Knudge.me and Elevate for the same.


I use Duolingo as part of my ESL teaching. 3 lessons per day. However, this past week a student reported me that the app is translating platano for banana. However platano is plantain and banano is for banana. Anyway way to make this correction? Where do we report translation issues for future references?


It is dependant on the region actually. I teach Spanish, and most text books translate plátano as banana. Especially since plantains aren't found in every Spanish speaking country. I've also seen banana as Spanish for banana. So I don't really believe it's an error, but when I teach "plátano", I explain that there's a difference.


After each question, two buttons appear; one labelled discussion, and the other labelled report. That button is for reporting any issues with a specific sentence.

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