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"Die Menschen reden und gestalten mit."

February 15, 2013



I find this sentence weird. I thought "mit" was a preposition. So can it be used to mean "together," as in a translation suggested by Duolingo, or to suggest the same meaning as the prefix "co-" in "co-designing?"


Both are compound verbs actually, 'mitreden' and 'mitgestalten', the prefix mit- works the same as co-, as far as I know. Although I'm not sure if duolingo really meant 'mitreden'. It's possible they mean the talk and therefore co-create, co-design whatever they're talking about. If that's the case, 'mitreden' might be better.


So "mit-" can also be the prefix of a separable verb? I had already encountered a bunch of separable verbs in Duolingo: aufhören, abfahren, ausgehen, just to name a few. But this is the first time I met something starting with "mit-."

What you said just helped clear things by a lot. Thank you! :D


Yes, it is one of those. Usually it's something like co-, but sometimes closer to 'join in', like a conversation for 'mitreden' or a game (mitspielen, join the game, join the playing). Mitspielen can also be 'to play along' for example.


is mit the prefix of 'reden'? gestalten? or both? If both, is it perfectly normal to find prefixes applying to multiple verbs in a single sentence?

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