Das Wort des Jahres

Postfaktisch - this word is being used to describe Trump and his followers. It means governing based on feelings and resentment instead of on facts. It is a definition, not a political statement.

December 9, 2016


"It is a definition, not a political statement"

The word itself is not but your post most definitely is a political statement. You said: "this word is being used to describe Trump and his followers." Perhaps by the small minded who like to stereotype. I'm sure there are others that would describe the Democrats the same way and they would be equally wrong.

December 9, 2016

I always like the word of the year. It shows you what the society was most concerned with in a year. This year it seems to be the election in America and how dirty the campains were again, but also how the internet became a big role in our perception of the world. We read stuff there and take opinions of people with a likewise ideology for the only truth, so much that we even declare the formerly so trustworthy free, that means under hardship liberated from any influence and only controled by a strictly moral code to discover the truth and not free of charge as our new favorite medial diet. We declare these media as lying because their facts are not the opinions we seek. And so we end up in an era after the facts. Which is nothing Trump invented but he did not become president because he is dumb, he was clever enough to use these new phenomenes on facebook and similars. And that is how the new German word of the year became so much used.

December 10, 2016


December 9, 2016
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