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"Qual è la misura dei pantaloni?"

Translation:What is the size of the pants?

February 23, 2014



Earlier in this lesson they taught me that "la misura" means "the measure," but in this question they only accept "size" as the correct response.


The point of this question is to teach us that misura means size as well as measurement. The meaning depends on context, and "of the trousers" makes this clear.


"size" for clothes translates as "taglia", or "misura". The latter also means "measurement".


It means both 'measure' and 'size' but to say 'the measure' of an item of clothing did not make sense in English..we say "size of..' regarding clothes.


I just came here to say that.


Agghhhh, It said I was wrong for putting 'trousers' and not 'pants'.



Trousers really is the correct word. Duolingo is just biased. Duolingo, get a passport and travel outside the US.


The thing is that they teach it from American English, as opposed to British. In our dialect, 'pants' is very correct. I know that 'pants' are underwear to you guys, but that's not the case in America. We have 'trousers', but they're a less-common word for slacks, also known as 'dress pants'. Even then, the term is mostly used by old people. Casual pants are never 'trousers', and jeans are casually lumped in as 'pants'.


But usually they accept British words and spellings. That trousers is not accepted is an outlier here.


Trousers ought to be accepted!


Me too! And trousers most certainly are pants!


Trousers are more dangerous because you have to watch out for snakes...


I put trousers and it was correct..


I thought size was 'taglia', not 'misura'. I read it as 'measurement' as in inside length, not size 38.


Unfortunately, "misura" can mean both.


Why do I have to write "Qual è" here but the same sentence about bowls earlier was written as "Qual'è"?


I saw that, too. I asked my partner (who is a native speaker of Italian) and he says that it's never "Qual'è", though you're right that they did mark that as correct in an earlier lesson. I had put the same thing you did. Now it's a habit I'll have to break. Thanks Duolingo! ;-)


This link suggests qual'e is archaic (if my interpretation of the Italian is correct!)



Keep that in mind: qual'è is always wrong. It's qual è for both genders.


I was wondering the EXACT same thing. I thought there was an apostrophe after the Qual...


Why can I not put "measurement" instead of "size" for misura?


I was wondering the same thing. I put "the measurement", which is what DL said la misura meant, and I got it wrong. I mean, I get the translation part of it; when talking about dimensions we typically use phrases like, "the size, the height, the length". When do you ever say "the measurement"? Rarely. I'm sure it's the same everywhere. Just tell us what's right.


"Misura" can both mean "measurement" and "size" (of clothes). You can use "misura" to identify any numeric value that comes from a measurement, but also for "size", in which case it is interchangeable with "taglia". I recommend using "taglia" for clothes.


Right...and to me size is an arbitrary thing dependent upon manufacturer...(large Icebreaker is too small, but large Ibex is just right), so when I buy clothing I need the actual measurement.


dei ---> is when you use un in plural no is uni is-> i --> di +(un in plural =i ) i = dei

una or un' become a di + le = --> delle


What's wrong with 'What are the trousers' measurements?' Duolingo didn't like it, but it seems the best way to say it in English.


"what is the measurement of the pants" not accepted.


Size = taglia. Measure o measurement = misura


Why is a translation of pantalone as 'trousers' marked as incorrect, when in other exercises both american english and standard English are accepted? That's annoying!


One does not ask a woman such a miserable question!!!


I thought "cosa" was "what." Why is it "qual?" Is there a rule for this? Per favore e grazie.


It doesn't work the same way in Italian, if you were to put 'cosa' the people would probably say that is is the diametre.


"qual/quale" can be translated as "which", meaning "what of these", but in many cases it's used when English still uses "what". I find it hard to explain, but "cosa è" just asks "general information". If you asked "Cosa è la misura?" it would be no different from "Cosa è una misura": you would want to know what a size is.


It seems that misura can be size or measurement. Not sure why "measurement" was rejected.


How do you know when "qual" is "what" and not "which one"? What if this person was looking at a piece of paper with a bunch of measurements, and they were asking which one was for the pants?


No no no, misure means measurement, remember?


In English trousers are plural, thus these trousers is generally used when refering to a pair of trousers rather than the stilted the trousers.


Why should "what size is the pants?" be wrong!!! It relates to the same sentence?

Why does the English translation need to be literal but when we translate from english to italian does it need to be in the colloquial?????


See clive112700 above. Pants is a plural noun, so your verb has to be plural. Check any reputable dictionary.


What is wrong with the "measurement of the pants"


A man goes to a tailor because he wants a suit. The tailor asks, "Che taglia porta?" (What size are you?). The man says he is unsure because of a recent weight gain. The tailor replies, "Fammi prendere le tue misure" (Let me take your measurements). "Size' is a standard resulting from a measurement, while 'measurement' can be an action or established measuring system determining size(s). A pair of pants may catch your attention. You look at the size on its label, think they will fit, try them on and realize the inseam (its measurement) is not long enough. Apples and oranges.


I said "How big are the pants?", which is how I would ask the question.


Why is "what are the measurements of the pants" wrong?


Read first thread.


Since When Does "Misura" Mean "Size"? I Tried "What Is The Measurement Of The Pants?" Which Makes Sense To Me, But It Was Rejected!


Si dice taglia non misura


Correct English in Canada is: what size are the pants?


Please check the results. My answer was just the same as marked correct in the window


Both is and are should be accepted. The size, measure does not change with time or amount.


Awkward English translation. I would say what size are the pants.


The English seems phoney and forced to fit the Italian. No-one would naturally say, "What is the size of the pants?" You'd say, "What size are the pants/trousers?"


Hey ho! I made my living as a professional translator for 20 years (French to English). Now I have to translate literally to move ahead with Duo-Lingo. It is rather frustrating. What size are the pants should be accepted!

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