"I ate half of the breakfast."

Translation:Εγώ έφαγα το μισό πρωινό.

December 9, 2016



hmm...I wrote "έφαγα μισό του πρωινού"...is it just a rule that "half of the (something)" in Greek is literally said "the half (something)"? To me as an English-speaker those mean two different things..."half of the breakfast" and "the half breakfast"...how does one say the latter in Greek?

December 9, 2016


"Έφαγα μισό του πρωινού" would be wrong, it's not grammatically correct in greek. Generally, half of (the) something or half the translates to το μισό (από) in Greek. Take a look.

  • Έχω διαβάσει το μισό βιβλίο - I have read half of the book.

  • Θέλω το μισό από αυτό - I want half of it.

  • Η μισή τούρτα είναι κομμένη. - Half of the cake is cut.

  • Έφαγα μισό μήλο. - I ate half an apple.


-Το μισό μήλο - Half the apple.

-Το μισό πρωινό - Half the breakfast.

I hope I helped a bit. ^.^

December 10, 2016


ναι, με βοήθησες πολύ! Ευχαριστώ!

December 11, 2016


Παρακαλώ :)

December 11, 2016


Why isn't ήμισυ accepted?

May 30, 2017
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