"I ate half of the breakfast."

Translation:Εγώ έφαγα το μισό πρωινό.

December 9, 2016

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Is it not possible to say "Εγώ έφαγε μισό το πρωινό"?


Έφαγε is third person singular, not first. Also, μισό το πρωινό is not correct. It has to be το μισό πρωινό. That's because it is το μισό (από το) πρωινό, with από το omitted.


I really appreciate learning stuff like this to help remember the structures that seem different from English


hmm...I wrote "έφαγα μισό του πρωινού"...is it just a rule that "half of the (something)" in Greek is literally said "the half (something)"? To me as an English-speaker those mean two different things..."half of the breakfast" and "the half breakfast"...how does one say the latter in Greek?


"Έφαγα μισό του πρωινού" would be wrong, it's not grammatically correct in greek. Generally, half of (the) something or half the translates to το μισό (από) in Greek. Take a look.

  • Έχω διαβάσει το μισό βιβλίο - I have read half of the book.

  • Θέλω το μισό από αυτό - I want half of it.

  • Η μισή τούρτα είναι κομμένη. - Half of the cake is cut.

  • Έφαγα μισό μήλο. - I ate half an apple.


-Το μισό μήλο - Half the apple.

-Το μισό πρωινό - Half the breakfast.

I hope I helped a bit. ^.^


ναι, με βοήθησες πολύ! Ευχαριστώ!


Παρακαλώ :)


And εγώ έφαγα το μισό πρωινό


''Εγώ έφαγα το μισό πρωινό.'' is exactly what we have. Just look at the top of this page.


..... Του πρωινου?


Please make a complete comment and include the full sentence you wish to inquire about.


I have since read the responses earlier, by Dimitra956826, which explains this. I still don't fully understand the grammatical nuances but I guess (hope!) familiarity with it will help in time. Thanks


Why did the translation have πρωινού instead of πρωινό as above. It said I had a typo when I put πρωινό

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