"Der Koch hat eine Schülerin."

Translation:The cook has a student.

February 15, 2013

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So does die Schülerin mean pupil whereas der Student means college student? Is that the difference?


Exactly. Schüler gehen in die Schule, Studenten studieren – Pupils go to school, college students study.

Schülerin/Studentin is feminine singular, Schüler is masculine singular and mixed-gender plural, Student is masculine singular, Studenten is mixed-gender plural, Schülerinnen/Studentinnen are feminine plural.


This can describe a wide spectrum of situations, right? (Cook teaches someone, there's some student in his room, he has a female grade school child...)


Would "The cook has an apprentice" also be a valid translation? When I think of a trade-skill occupation I think of the word "apprentice" and not "student."


I tried "apprentice" and it was marked wrong. I think apprentice is Der Lehrling.


So this sentence mean the cook has a daughter that goes to grade school, rather than the cook has a female student that is learning how to cook from him, correct?


I have the same question, which is also asked above. Apprentice or daughter? Clarification would be welcome. Or perhaps it is ambiguous in German too?


Sorry, I am not english speaker and it sounds weird for me. Cook is meaning a person who works in a kitchen? I mean, a chef?

Thank you!

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@kimeraweb : Yes, a cook / a chef is a person who works in the kitchen, prepares meals (makes food).


Appreciate it! Thank you!


Am I the only one who thought of breaking bad and Mr white the moment that saw this exercise?


I tried putting "The cook has a female student." but they marked it wrong. I'm wondering if this is something worth reporting? Am I incorrect in adding the word "female"?


same thing happens to me


It accepts schoolgirl - but it sounds weird to me!

[deactivated user]

    That blues classic - "Good morning little schoolgirl", The cook has a schoolgirl doesn't sound kosher, does it?


    Yes, they used a not-quite-correct term. What can do a cook with a student or a pupil? Sack! A cook has apprentices or trainees. ;)

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