"Desertul e bun."

Translation:The dessert is good.

December 9, 2016

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I assume "e" is a short form of "ele"? What is the rule here?


"e" is a short form for "este" from the verb "a fi"="to be". It can be used only for 3rd person singular.


should it accept 'the desert is nice?'


desert = not nice
dessert = nice :)


no it shouldn't accept nice, because bun means good, so it's "the dessert is good", it's speaking about a sweet treat not a desert landscape


Try not speaking through a sock and I might recognise the word!!!


I agree, some of it sounds glitchy at times and I have to listen to it in slowed down to hear everything and I speak Romanian, the speech at normal speed just sounds glitchy sometimes for what ever reason


What is the difference between bun and bună?


One is for masculine names, the other one for feminine names. You have to identify/know the gender of names, and the articles (definite and indefinite) are helping you for that.

For masculine, it's "un" & "ul"

  • un desert = a dessert in English

  • desertul = the dessert in English (the definitive article is "after" the name in Romanian)

For feminine it's "o+˘" & "a":

  • o capșună : a strawberry in English

  • capșuna: the strawberry in English

Now, you decline the adjective accordingly:

  • desertul e bun = the dessert is good

  • capșuna e bună = the strawberry is good


Thanks for the explanation!!! Got it:->

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