"You are fast."

Translation:Είσαι γρήγορος.

December 9, 2016

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What if I'm talking to a woman?


It's γρήγορη, it was not accepted before but it's added now as a correct sentence. Thanks for the input!


Είσαι γρήγορο is not accepted. But I could be talking to a παιδί which is neutre...?


Wen talking to someone directly like that, you use his/her natural sex. So you won't say είσαι γρήγορο (on its own) to a girl because κορίτσι is neuter, the same way you won't say είσαι γρήγορος to a woman because άνθρωπος(=human) is masculine. In both cases, because you are talking to a female person you use the feminine γρήγορη. The same thing applies if you are talking to animals. But if you say είσαι γρήγορο κορίτσι to a girl, then γρήγορο is an adjective to the word κορίτσι and has to be in neuter form. The same applies to the example I gave above saying to a woman είσαι γρήγορος άνθρωπος=You are a fast human. To conclude: Είσαι γρήγορο is not correct in this case because it is not followed by a noun that is neuter, and you would have to use your speaker's natural sex.


είστε γρήγοροι ?


Yes, that's also a good translation. I've added it now.


Or a κοριτσι ..

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