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"Kati eladókat hall az üzlet előtt."

Translation:Kati hears salespeople in front of the shop.

December 9, 2016



"Kati is hearing sellers in front of the store" not accepted, I reported it.

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Accepted now.


I don't think you'd ever call a sales assistant or shopkeeper a seller in normal English, would you? You'd say a flower seller or cabbage seller or whatever, of course, but not just a seller. Does the Hungarian translate equally well as a shopkeeper or as a sales assistant, or does it just simply and literally mean "seller"?


Actually you can say "sellers." Think if Kati/Katy had to pick between sellers and bouyers.


Who are in front of the shop? Kati or the salespeople? Or is it as ambiguous in Hungarian as it is in English?


Hmm. I don't know. I would have thought it isn't any clearer.

I am interested in your language strategy, doing lots of languages to the same level and working on them all together. Are you finding that works well? I'm not meaning to be nosey, just curious, if you don't mind my asking.


Kati=Katy in English salespeople may be written sales people


kati hears shop assistants in front of the building.Could sombody pease tell me why is this wrong


It's not wrong. I' m not sure why it isn't marked right, but perhaps it is one of those cases where English-speakers from different places favour different terms. As a native English speaker from NE England, I'd say 'shop assistants' fits the bill perfectly. But perhaps a Caribbean person, or Aussie, or Indian might prefer a different word, like salespeople. I suppose Duolingo has to choose a word they think a majority would use. It's like the swimming pool/pool/swimming baths/baths discussion elsewhere!

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