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  5. "Οι εκατό φίλοι της."

"Οι εκατό φίλοι της."

Translation:Her one hundred friends.

December 10, 2016



I think that "her hundred friends" should be correct.


Why is "her hundred friends" wrong??


I answered "Her one hundred friends." The suggested answer would correspond to: "Εκατό από τούς φίλους της."


Yes indeed. I'll make sure to keep a note so we can change that when we are out of Beta. Thank you for your comment ^.^


Also, there would be a correspondence to "Εκατό φίλοι της." But you're right! "Οι εκατό φίλοι της." = "Her one hundred friends."


As others have stated, hundred can stand on its own, like other numbers, depending on context.

"her hundred friends" is 100% correct.

Perhaps the rule is if "a" can be omitted, so can "one". You wouldn't say "her a hundred friends."


"One hundred friends of hers" is incorrect?


Yes, it is incorrect.

Notice that the Greek sentence has an article. "Οι εκατό φίλοι της." This means that the speaker refers to one hundred specific people, not just any people that just happen to be one hundred in number.

If that was the case (if the sentence's meaning was generic), the Greek phrase would be "Εκατό φίλοι της" or "Εκατό από τους φίλους της", therefore "One hundred friends of hers" would be an exact and correct translation. ^.^

(Unfortunately this sentence actually has an incorrect translation. A hundred of her friends is wrong, for the reasons I mentioned right above. It's generic, while the Greek sentence is specific.)


Ahh now I understand. Ευχαριστώ ☺️


Παρακαλώ! ^.^

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