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pronouncing portuguese

Is the r a rolling r? And is the se esh or a eze?


February 15, 2013



The "r" in Portuguese has many different sounds... in the beginning of a word it has the "h" sound (English h), in the beginning of a main syllable it has the sound like "r" in Spanish, at the end of a syllable it may have 3 different sounds: "r" like in English, or like in Spanish, or like in French, depending on the region... In the word "Portuguese", "ese" has "eeze" sound


thanks for your explanation, i had the same doubt.. I hope it will be easier now. but well, to be honest, tenho medo de falar português.... this language has many different sounds... not only with the "r"! :(


thx... twas just a simple explanation... n i must confess portuguese is quite hard. many ppl say it's similar to spanish.. and it rly is... but regarding to pronunciation it's rly different. many native speakers many times get in doubt about how pronunciate some words... i think portuguese a wonderful language, but it takes a little effort... a nice thing to be done would be talking to native ppl... if u'd please some practicing, u can add me on skype...


yes it is wonderful n ofc it is similar to spanish, but 4 ex. u can't talk in spanish with people from Portugal... they will be offended. i lived it once - wasn't a nice experience. It's better to know portuguese. Well, when i read a text in portuguese i understand the big part, because i know spanish but to read em voz alta or understand somebody's talking in portuguese - is for me impossible... i cant get the rules - if they are some... if i had questions, can i find u on skype by nick "Paulenrique"?


yeah..i think reading easier than listening in any language... you'll find me on skype by paulo.henryc or by the email paulo.h.csantos@hotmail.com add me there if you want to :)

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