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Funny Way to Learn/Practice Soft Mutation

I've been playing the animated 'Colin and Cumberland' games on the BBC Wales site, and I'm finding them a rather humorous support to this course. http://www.bbc.co.uk/wales/colinandcumberland/south/game/game1.shtml

In the food section, I learned 'ffa tun ar dost' which is the quintessentially British 'beans on toast'. (Literally: tinned/canned beans on toast)

Since the preposition 'ar' (on) causes soft mutation of the following noun, tost turns into dost. t --> d. (Had to look that up.) It doesn't seem that gender matters here.

Why not smother other things in beans, I thought? Why be boring and only go for the tost? Why not.....

b -->f // besged (basket) ....Ffa tun ar fesged! = beans on basket!

m --> f // maneg (glove) ....Ffa tun ar faneg! = beans on glove!

c --> g // cath (cat) .... Ffa tun ar gath! = beans on cat!

t --> d // tre (town) .....Ffa tun ar dre! = beans on town!

p --> b // pen (head)....Ffa tun ar ben! = beans on head!

rh --> r // rheolwr (manager)...Ffa tun ar reolwr! = beans on manager!

ll --> l // llaw (hand)....Ffa tun ar law! = beans on hand!

d --> dd // dant (tooth)....Ffa tun ar ddant! = beans on tooth!

g --> disappears // glyn (glen, valley) ....Ffa tun ar lyn! = beans on glen!

I'm finding the visual humor of these images is helping me learn the mutations. (Especially, by saying them aloud, like 'pen - ffa tun ar ben!') And I thought perhaps other learners might find this a cheap and peppy way to learn / practice them, as well.

But, since my vocabulary is quite tiny indeed, does anybody have more suggestions for things starting with rh and ll that they'd be amused to see smothered in ffa tun?

December 10, 2016



For ll words you could always use Lion -> llew or Milk -> llefrith I guess? Or since when you use "o" to mean "from" I believe you also get soft mutation you could say "canned beans from ..." and use any welsh place name starting with ll. So you could have "canned beans from Llanfairpwll" -> "Ffa tun o Lanfairpwllgwyngyllgogerychwyrndrobwllllantysiliogogogoch" I guess :P


Thanks for the suggestions! I thought of llaeth/llefrith but 'beans on milk' didn't sound so funny -- rather more like a soggy mess. In the meantime, I've found ar lenni = beans on curtains or ar lan = beans on church. Yes, as I understand it, most prepositions cause a soft mutation, so 'o' as well. That's how the soft mutation is normally taught in Welsh classes, so I've heard. With yn (in) and o (from) and then a place name, as those come up often in conversation. : I'm going to X, She is from Y, etc. Makes lots of practical sense. But I'm looking for a laugh here, as I've found I learn better when things are couched in a wee bit of comedy.


I think you mean "i" (to) and place name, not "yn" (in) -- that one causes nasal mutation (e.g. Cymru: yng Nghymru, not *yn Gymru).


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