"Bring my cellphone."

Translation:Φέρε το κινητό μου.

December 10, 2016

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φέρτε το κινητό μου should be also correct!


Why "Φέρε το κινητό" is right? Question was "Bring MY cellphone".


What I see above as correct and in the incubator is: Φέρε το κινητό μου. μου means "my". Did you find this sentence without μου?


Yes, I did. I gave the wrong answer and than I saw two right sentenses: "Φέρε το κινητό" and "Φέρε το κινητό μου".


Now, we need your help. Since "Φέρε το κινητό" is not correct and we do not have it in the incubator you would be helping us if you could tell us where you found it. Was it on the tree or in a multiple choice, or listening or Strengthen skill etc. Thanks.


Strengthen skill. If I will see this sentence once more I will try to make a screenshot.


That was fast. Thank you and a screen shot would be super.


What type of exercises was it (during a Strengthen skill session):

  • type in Greek what you hear in Greek;
  • type un Greek the translation of what is written in English;
  • Select each and all correct translation among the 3 offered sentences;
  • etc.?


Yes, thank you jrikhal we should be getting more specific info about the sentences in question.
I'll do that from now on.


Φέρε μου το κινητό = φέρε το κινητό μου ; ? Is that true?


There is a difference and it changes the meaning.

Φέρε μου το κινητό => Bring me the phone.......it does not specifiy whose phone

Φέρε το κινητό μου. => Bring my phone.....it does not say 'bring it to me' it just says bring my phone but it doesn't say where to bring it.

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