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  5. "The referee of the match."

"The referee of the match."

Translation:Ο διαιτητής του αγώνα.

December 10, 2016



Some words don't change their ending when its "of the" is there any rules


Just about all nouns change their endings in the genitive case -- the only counter-examples I can think of are foreign loan-words that don't change their ending at all, e.g. το παλτό.

Otherwise, in general:

  • Masculine nouns in -ος become -ου
  • Masculine nouns in -ας or -ης drop the final sigma and become -α, -η
  • Feminine nouns in -α, -η add a sigma and become -ας, -ης
  • Neuter nouns in -ο become -ου
  • Neuter nouns in -ι become -ιου
  • Neuter nouns in -μα become -ματος

So also here: ο αγώνας becomes του αγώνα.


Thanks, that's great


Why is this in animal's? :-)


Sometimes Duolingo plops a sentence from a different skill in while doing repetitions :)

Keeps things interesting, I suppose.


Η διαιτήτρια του αγώνα was not accepted as a correct answer. This was in the last module of sport and on an Android device.


I don't think that διαιτήτρια is used. It's η διαιτητής.

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