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Beautiful Romanian Words

For those of you who study Romanian, here is a list of a few beautiful Romanian words.

As taste is a highly subjective thing, they may, of course, not be beautiful to you.

Carevasăzică, allegedly

Făptură, being (maybe "critter")

Ființă, being (also "all of nature" = toată ființa)

Oștean, soldier (unlike the more trivial soldat)

Văzduh, air (unlike the more trivial aer)

Plămadă, substance (very poetical indeed...)

Ibovnic, lover (unlike the more common iubit)

Sireac, poor (a substandard version of sărac)

Oacheș, swarthy (this word has a linguistic beauty about it in that, creatively enough, it is based on "eyes" = ochi)

Pasămite, allegedly

1 year ago