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(not a bug) New Discussion: Keep getting dumped into language Sub-forum

Edit: Nevermind, apparently it's by design.


  1. From my homepage, click Discussion -- I am now in the "German from English" forum (not what I wanted or expected)

  2. Click Duolingo (forum) -- Okay, I am now properly in the main/Duolingo discussion area

  3. Click Discussion button again (for the sake of getting between new and popular discussion topics, or to get back to the top of the list) -- Once again, I am dumped into the "German from English" forum.

So for some reason it's defaulting to my one current installed language rather than the main/DL forums on a click of Discussion. This behavior appears to be consistent/reproducable.

February 23, 2014



Do you have the new discussion interface with the "Your subscriptions" bar on the right? Then you should have a combined view of all your subscribed discussion forums on the left.


Hm, yes I do, however it's defaulting to German rather than duo.

Oh, no wait a second, I see now -- It's threading them both together. That's not terribly desirable. And I don't see a way to access other forums without changing subscriptions. Well, it's not my first choice (surprise) but it's not the end of the world.


To access another forum, you can just click it on the right-hand side. Of course this only works with your subscribed forums. If you don't like the combination anyway, just subscribe every forum you might be interested in. But yes, in that case you need an extra click now compared to earlier.

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