December 10, 2016



Says answer is thronos...

May 22, 2017


Why is "ο θρoνος" wrong?

December 10, 2016


Ι believe "o θρόνος" would be "the throne" when it's just asking for "throne".

December 10, 2016


I wish I could find a keyboard that will let me type in the accents. Haven't found one yet that will let me do that, and I keep getting "typo" errors because of it.

February 11, 2017


    In Windows you just need to hit the key next to L before the vowel in a Greek keyboard: ; + α = ά. I suppose something similar is the case for Macs. In Android the accented vowel options come up if you hold a vowel key a bit longer, as you would do for numbers. Similarly for iOS I guess? Of course you need to have installed a Greek keyboard first by accessing the settings options of your device.

    February 12, 2017


    Νop, doesn't work, I have Windows and Greek keyboard installed but there's no way to find the accent. My friend who is Greek tried, too. I have the letter Č in that place next to L.

    February 20, 2017


      What I described works in Greek QWERTY keyboards. I suggest looking up the type of keyboard your computer has (the layout of characters, it seems you have a QWERTZ keyboard) and find where the accents are. My computer (also Windows) offers the option to install Greek QWERTY keyboards only, but it may be different with your software version.

      Where are your ; and : keys? Next to M? Have you tried using them? Alternatively it might be the ' key on 9. (You need to type something like /9 to get an accent on a vowel on a polytonic Greek keyboard, but you only need to install the monotonic keyboard for this course.)

      February 20, 2017


      Thank you, you really did take your time! And you know these things very well! You know, what happened? One day it started working. Maybe I've clicked sth and installed the QUERTZ keyboard, idk. I have : and ; next to M, yes.

      September 12, 2017


      You can, go into keyboard setting on your android device and disable system language and enable the languages you need. If you are using a PC you can download an on-screen keyboard.

      May 11, 2017


      CA/US keyboard, type: thronos
      Greek keyboard, type: ur;onow

      November 10, 2018


      I think that the Greek pronounciation is mixture of English (Δ,Θ), Ukrainian (Γ), Spanish (at the end hissing ς) and Russian (I'm Russian and it seems to me so).

      March 4, 2017


      How am i supposed to type the sentence in greek letters?

      July 30, 2017


      Why does it say I used the wrong word when I typed EXACTLY what it says is right? I screenshot it but can't find how to share it.

      June 9, 2019


      never mind I did use a wrong letter while knowing the right one keyboard error.

      June 9, 2019


      I screenshot it


      but can't find how to share it.

      You can't upload directly to the forums here -- please upload the screenshot to a website somewhere (e.g. an image-sharing host) and then past the link (URL) to the image into a comment here.

      June 9, 2019
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