"The eighth girl is my girl."

Translation:A opta fată e fata mea.

December 10, 2016

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Will be acsepted like correct answer " a opta fata e a mea"?


I believe it is grammatically correct and actually a better way of expressing it but it does not respect the English sentence. What you wrote would be “the eighth girl is mine” in English.


Why here we must repeat "fata"? I am bulgarian and we can just say the eighth girl is my" and will be enough to understand that we talk about the same object " the girl"


(The same reason that hptroll gave above.) In English we can say "is mine" and that is equivalent to Romanian "e a mea". But the English says "is my girl" so the closest translation would be "e fata mea". The meaning is the same, but the words are slightly different.

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