Unusual stress position in -are verbs

I can't believe that I have recently found out that some -are verbs have the stress on the third to last syllable so I decided to make a short video and the list is in the description of the YouTube video for those that are interested which I will change over time as required

I hope it helps

December 10, 2016


All Italian words that bear the stress on the last but three (preantepenultimate) syllable are known as parole bisdrucciole.
All of them are 3rd plural persons of the present indicative and of the present subjunctive tenses of 1st conjugation verbs (-are ) whose infinitive contains four syllables, or more than four, such as:

  • calcolare (4) → càlcolano

  • caricare (4) → càricano

  • indicare (4) → ìndicano

  • interpretare (5) → intèrpretano

  • giudicare (4) → giùdicano

  • meritare (4) → mèritano

and so on.

Not all long verbs belonging to the 1st conjugation feature this type of stress, for instance:

  • ascoltare (4) → ascòltano  (not àscoltano )

  • attaccare (4) → attàccano  (not àttaccano )

  • cucinare (4) → cucìnano  (not cùcinano )

  • salutare (4) → salùtano  (not sàlutano )

I had briefly mentioned this topic in

December 11, 2016


December 10, 2016
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