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Pronunciation confusion

The pronunciation of German words "ihr" and "er" seem exactly the same and thus, it leads to a loss of hearts in my practice test. I know that the the former is supposed to sound like "EAR" and the latter like "AIR". But the difference in not recognizable in the voice of the speaker. It would be great if you could correct this part.

June 19, 2012



/the "r" in German is very different from the "r" in English, so what I am going to tell you would lead to very distorted German if you pronounced it the way I am going to indicate. The form "ihr" is pronounced somewhat like the English "ear," and "er" is pronounced somewhat like the English "air." The "r" in German is a sound that does not occur in English. It involves placing the tongue against the soft palate and letting air flow through it. In the terminology of articulatory phonetics, the German "r" would be a "uvular trill.'


Not really an answer, but a commiseration of sorts: Spanish has the same problem, where "yo" ends up sounding like "tu" when the speaker says it quickly because she says it with an English "j" sound. This is a dialectic pronunciation and not standard Spanish.


@felicity.shruti: Dass Du in den deutschen Wörtern (ihr) und (er) die englischen Wörter (ear=Ohr) und (air=Luft) hörst, lässt mich vermuten, dass Du nach weiteren Angeboten suchst, die Dein Hörverständnis und Deine Aussprache verbessern können. ... ... ... hier ein Angebot der Deutschen Welle: http://www.dw.de/dw/0,,9572,00.html ... ... ... einfach auf das Bild mit der Frau und dem Laptop klicken und den Gastzugang zum Austesten wählen ... ... ... oder direkt den Link ... http://deutschkurse.dw.de/KursPlattform/WebObjects/KursPlattform.woa/wo/3.1 ... wählen ( Guess Access )

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