"I eat cookies."

Translation:Εγώ τρώω μπισκότα.

December 11, 2016

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Why can't you just say 'Τρωω μπισκοτα'?

If you said: 'I read books' you would say 'διαβάζω βιβλία' thus omitting the 'εγω'.


Yes, you can also say "Τρώω μπισκότα".


OK great, but why ever add the 'Εγω' then if it's not needed? Is it more formal or something?


The pronoun is used if you want to use it. It can be for emphasis or to distinguish one person from another etc. So, the pronoun has its place in the language.


Wow they don't even bother translating cookies to Greek... (Possible option: τρωω cookies) Μπραβο ελληνες!


Well, Greeks do use some foreign words as they are in their everyday lives pretty often, and this is one of them. As a native, I've heard "cookies" instead of "μπισκότα" countless times, and everyone seems to know what it is. For example, I happened to go to a couple of ice cream shops a few months ago, and there was a flavor of cookies, seperate from μπισκότα. And I've encountered it countless times in bakeries, ice cream shops, supermarkets and such. So there must be a difference between the two.

In other words, since it's used, it's not necessary to exclude it from the possible options. Of course, it's not a best option (blue star). Best option is the Greek one. But I think adding it as an alternative one wouldn't hurt. ^.^

(There are indeed cases -in the course as it is now- that we could definitely replace some foreign originated words with Greek originated ones that would be perfectly okay. We do plan on changing some of them as soon as we are out of Beta. ^.^)


Actually I think it's good to include more possible translations. Even though it's a foreign word since people use it it's good to know. I'm surprised that unlike cheesecake (τσιζκεικ) it's not changed to Greek letters - I actually meant transliterate not translate into Greek


There is actually a Greek letter alternative to cookies, κούκις. A bit awkward to the eye, but you can find on numerous online recipes written like that. ^.^


Am I misunderstanding? I see the Greek as "μπισκότα" which is now the Greek word for "cookies". And yes there is also "κούκιις" but that hasn't been used here. Saying "cookies" was not translated I'd expect to see "cookies" or at best "κούκις".


That reads bravo ellenes... nice one


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