"Everything is clear!"

Translation:Всё ясно!

December 11, 2016


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What is the difference between Всё понятно and Всё ясно? I got it marked right once for the first one, but got dinged when I used it again.

December 11, 2016


Well, technically, "всё понятно" means "everything is understandable" and "всё ясно" means "everything is clear", but I can't imagine a situation where one can be used while the other can not.


Shouldn‘t «Все понятно!» we accepted? Was it because I didn‘t write Ё? I know that I really should, but it is not so comfortable stretching my little finger to that key §, and even native Russian speakers do that. According to Wiktionary, все is an alternative spelling of всё. So, after all, shouldn‘t my answer be accepted?


As I understand it "ё" can be written "e" and in fact is commonly done. That said, while learning it is much easier and more clear to use ё.


Всё понятно - не принимает.


все чисто тут никак не получается?

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