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"I kan sætte jer hvor som helst."

Translation:You can sit anywhere.

December 11, 2016



Sit yourself sounds really wrong. Isn't it you seat yourself?


That's translating it very literally. "To sit" is a reflexive verb: at sætte sig. At sætte by itself means "to place". So even though I sætter jer looks like "sit yourself" it's really just "sit"; the reflexive doesn't translate into English.


"Sit yourself down" is perfectly normal, maybe a little colloquial. Without the "down" though it would be odd.

"Seat yourself" is what you'd see on a sign in a restaurant. It's not really what people would say to each other.


Well, I guess Duolingo changed the way it could be translated. I was complaining about the english translation which seems different now.


In the American South "sit yourself anywhere" is not uncommon.


Sit vs. take a sit is both ok, I think, but Duo doesn't even accept 'may' here, which IMHO is better/more presice than 'can'. (I'm sure they're not talking about the ability to sit down anywhere...)


Why is everywhere not accepted??

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