"The dog followed the cat."

Translation:Ο σκύλος ακολούθησε την γάτα.

December 11, 2016

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How come the correct answers are το σκυλί ακούθησε τη (χωρις ν) γατα but also ο σκυλος ακολουθησε την γατα? Isn't την vs τη dependent on the word after it (γατα) and has no relation to the first word σκυλος/σκυλι? What is the correct answer


Officially, there shouldn't be a -ν in τη in this sentence. But the original sentence was typed with a -ν (by mistake, as quite a few others), and since we are on Beta and the tree is locked, we can't edit the original main sentences, just the translations (we can't delete την and place τη instead in the best translations, siince it's linked to the main sentence). And since we had a few reports about it, we decided that it would be best to just add τη in the translations, so that it's accepted for now, and then edit the main sentences as soon as we are out of Beta. ^.^


Is the tree unlocked yet or is Beta a very extended period, ongoing even now, 3 years later)? Just curious. Thanks.

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