"The hectoliters of water are for these people."

Translation:Hectolitrii de apă sunt pentru oamenii aceștia.

December 11, 2016

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i am confused about the position of the demonstrative. Why was acești oameni not marked correct?


hectoliters? why?? does anybody use that unit even in Romania?


No. It's unnatural. The unit exists but people don't use it.


I'd say that some people use it :)

Some rare units are very common in specific fields. In France, hectolitres are used by wine producers to measure wine production. (They have also been used in the past in other fields, for example to measure amounts of cereals, grains, flour, etc.)

So, I quickly googled "română vin hectolitru" and I found an article entitled Producţia de vin va depăşi 4 milioane de hectolitri în 2013, în creştere cu 20% faţă de anul trecut. from jurnalul.ro, which is not some obscure magazine for wine producers only.

So... apparently, some people use hectolitres in Romania, and also the Romanian wine production exceeded 4 million hectolitres in 2013, which corresponds to a growth of 20% compared to 2012... Good to know!


I confirm that hectoliters are used in wine production in Italy too. And, as an Italian, I confirm that Romania produces some really good wines...


Acesti we put before the nouns Aceştia will be used after the noun. Acest omul, but Omul acesta. Just add the ending "a", when you put them after nouns. :)


Why doesn't apei work?


Because the hectolitres do not belong to the water :o) which would indeed be "hectolitrii apei" (water's hectolitres), but they measure the volume therefore it is "hectolitrii de apă" (the hectolitres of water).


because "apei" means "to/of THE water", it is the declined form to genitive/dative of "apa", which is "THE water"


Acesti not acestia


why was "acesti oamenii" rejected?

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