"El scrie o scrisoare, eu citesc ziarul."

Translation:He writes a letter, I read the newspaper.

December 12, 2016

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That should be a semicolon.


As multiple choice, there is no reason to pick ziarul over un ziar.


"I read newspaper" does not make sense, but "I read THE newspaper" does.


What? "Eu citesc un ziar" would be "I read A newspaper," not "I read newspaper." In the multiple choice version of this question, the possible answers include "ziarul" and "un ziar." If anything "He writes a letter, I read A newspaper" would be the slightly better choice because the construction is more parallel.


I am romanian and your answer is correct :D I am happy that some smart people is trying to learn my language


I was also confused but the multiple choice answers were ziarul and un ziarul. I was being too quick I didn't register ziarul as the definite and read it as the root itself.


Never forget to put The


Am I the only one that seems to have a t sound at the end of the voice line for ”citesc”? It was throwing me off even on slow motion and I know there is not meant to be a t sound..


I sure hope what Romanian I am learning does not sound as uneducated as the English translations. "He writes a letter" would not be used by any native English speaker, and neither would the last phrase. Is the same true of the Romanian?

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