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"Ist es in der Nähe von Ihrem Ferienhaus?"

Translation:Is it near your vacation house?

February 23, 2014



What purpose does the von serve here?


I don't know the rules, but I do now it is necessary, because it marks ones possession. This same sentence could be written using Gen. - > Ist es in der Nähe Ihres Ferienhauses?


Nähe seems to work like vicinity in terms of grammar. It's in the vicinity of...


When "Ihrem" is capitalized (and not at the beginning of a sentence), is it always "Your?"


Yes, always :) As well as Sie = You (Mr. Smith)


If you say near the border I know you can say es liegt/ist nah an der Grenze... Is in der Nähe von a better translation?


Holiday home would be better english (uk)


What is wrong with, "Is it close by to your vacation home?"? I did understand/translate the question so that I could answer this person properly, didn't I? I don't understand if it dinged me because I used "home" instead of "house" or "close by to" instead of "near" or because I put that "to" in with the "close by."


The word near is not added in my translation but accepted as correct.

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